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suomen seksi tantric massage helsinki

Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing. Wikimedia has created the Wikidata project with a similar objective of storing the basic facts from each page of Wikipedia and the other WMF wikis and make it available in a queriable semantic format, RDF. Lawrence found the articles accurate but not very readable, and thought that "Wikipedia's lack of readability (to non-college readers) may reflect its varied origins and haphazard editing". (See also Mobile access.) Search engines Some web search engines make special use of Wikipedia content when displaying search results: examples include Bing (via technology gained from Powerset ) and DuckDuckGo. "Power of the Few. 6, it is owned and supported by the. In July 2007 Wikipedia was the focus of a 30-minute documentary on BBC Radio 4 312 which argued that, with increased usage and awareness, the number of references to Wikipedia in popular culture is such that the word is one of a select band.

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Ilmaista suomiseksiä shemale on girl Beyond legal matters, the editorial principles of Wikipedia are embodied in the "five pillars" and in numerous policies and guidelines intended to appropriately shape content. According to a study by Pnina Shachaf in the Journal of Documentation, the quality of the Wikipedia reference desk is comparable to a standard library reference desk, with an accuracy. The number of active editors in English Wikipedia, by sharp comparison, was cited as peaking in 2007 at approximately 50,000 and dropping to 30,000 by the start of 2014. Medical information See also: Health information on Wikipedia On March 5, 2014, Julie Beck writing for The Atlantic magazine in an article titled "Doctors' #1 Source for Healthcare Information: Wikipedia stated that "Fifty percent of physicians look up conditions on the (Wikipedia) site, and some.
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Maksullista seksiä naapurin pillu 100 101 Fewer editors become administrators than in years past, in part because the process of vetting seksi trefit seksi ilmoitukset potential Wikipedia administrators has become more rigorous. Retrieved November 23, 2010.
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65 Openness Number of English Wikipedia articles 66 English Wikipedia editors with 100 edits per month 66 Differences between versions of an article are highlighted as shown Unlike traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia follows the procrastination principle notes 4 67 regarding the security of its content. For Wikipedia's policy concerning censorship, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not censored Wikipedia has been criticized for allowing information of graphic content. "Wikifounder reports Wikiparent to FBI over 'child porn. 144 English Wikipedia editor decline On March 1, 2014, The Economist, in an article titled "The Future of Wikipedia cited a trend analysis concerning data published by Wikimedia stating that "the number of editors for the English-language version has fallen by a third in seven. "Top 40 Website Programming Languages".

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Africa is most underrepresented. 243 Edits falsely identified by bots as the work of a banned editor can be restored by other editors. Wikipedia narratives about national histories (i) are skewed towards more recent events (recency bias) and (ii) are distributed unevenly across the continents with significant focus on the history of European countries (Eurocentric bias). 186 Contrasting Wikipedia's treatment of Abraham Lincoln to that of Civil War historian James McPherson in American National Biography Online, he said that both were essentially accurate and covered the major episodes in Lincoln's life, but praised "McPherson's richer contextualization.

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